Take a trip back with the history of Jake’s Gouda Cheese.

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Gouda Goodness comes to New York

Since Jake & Sylvia’s decision to move to New York State from Pennsylvania 22 years ago, they have bloomed into a growing family with a growing and successful business. Their original decision to move to New York State originated from the family church and took flight for the search for a 200 acre farm. After searching for the perfect location Jake and Sylvia decided on two farms in Deansboro, New York. Because of the easy access to cattle dealers and feed mills, Deansboro and Central New York proved to the a prime location for a dairy farm to thrive. Moving from Pennsylvania to Central New York meant a change to a cooler climate, which is a great for cows and dairy production. Jake and Sylvia have now been settled on their dairy farm here in Deansboro for over 22 years and plan to pass down their virtually self sufficient farm to their sons.

Jake and Sylvia     Jake and Sylvia

The Deansboro Dairy with the Gouda Cheese.

Jake believed in a simple idea that well crafted food is inherently good. He and his wife Sylvia have stuck to that idea, creating Gouda Cheese in the Dutch Tradition, with the milk from their dairy farm in Deansboro. Jake’s Gouda Cheese is all handmade right in Upstate New York with roots that stretch to Holland and the traditional gouda cheese making process.

Jake's Gouda Cheese Farm     Jake's Gouda Cheese Farm     Jake's Gouda Cheese Cow

Making Gouda Cheese – the Traditional Way

Traditional Gouda starts with delicious milk – right from the farm. Jake’s Gouda cheese is made a raw milk with no high temperature pasteurization. Instead of using wax, Jake and Sylvia let their cheese breathe – just like true gouda should! Instead, Jake’s traditional gouda cheese is covered with a cream coating and turned daily on pine planks for at least 60 days. The planks ensure a uniform age and overall perfection!

Jake's Gouda Cheese     Jake's Gouda Cheese     Jake's Gouda Cheese

Award Winning Cheese

Within their first year of production, Jake’s Gouda Cheese came home to Deansboro, New York with a fourth place win for Gouda Cheese at the World Champion Cheese Contest for the US. Talk about Gouda goodness! You can now get Jake’s Gouda in several different flavors: Smoked, Aged, Baby, Nettle Blend, & Sundried Tomato and Garlic. If you are looking to give Jake’s Gouda Cheese a try make sure to visit us at one of the Central New York farmers market this summer (we will be in Hamilton, NY & Clinton, NY). Can’t make it to a farmer’s market? You can buy all your gouda cheese goodness online too!

Jake's Gouda Cheese 4th in World Championship      Jake's Aged Gouda Cheese | Sharp, Salted, Distinct Finish     Jake's Smokes Gouda Cheese

Jake and Sylvia will continue to grow and make their gouda cheese even better (how could it get any tastier!?). Who could ask for more? 🙂

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  1. We love the aged gouda, which we keep as a staple in our house. Not just a nice rich flavor, but a wonderful texture.
    So glad we can get it at the Honest Weight Food Coop in Albany.

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