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Gouda Goodness

Locally Sourced

Made with milk right from Jake's family farm in Upstate New York

Award Winning

Blue Ribbon World Cheese Award Winner for Gouda in our very first year

Online Or Market

Order online, or if you're nearby - visit us at your local farmers market

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Shop a selection of Jake and Sylvia’s favorite Farmhouse Gouda flavors

Award Winning Gouda Cheese

There's Good In Gouda

We’re in the business of making people happy. The best way we know how? Make mind-blowingly good, locally produced gouda cheese. 

We have always believed in a simple truth; that well-crafted food is inherently good. Sure, it tastes better, but it can also feed your soul.

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Discover the real home-grown roots behind your favorite cheese

Gouda Recipes

Mouth watering recipes using your favorite gouda cheeses

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Lovers Of The Gouda Goodness

Real Happy Tastebuds

The best cheese ever... Rich, flavorful, with all the right texture and all the right flavors of cumin and spices. The first time I tried it (at our little Farmer’s Market in town, some years ago) I practically rolled my eyes in delight when I tried a sample.
Lesley Owens
Jake's Nokkelost Norwegian Style
Probably our favorite cheese, and we LOVE cheese! So good, flavorful but mild and so delicious. My 6 and 3 yr olds love it.
Jake's Baby Gouda Cheese
This is the best Smoked Gouda available. Great job Jake and Sylvia!! If you buy this you will not be disappointed!
Marlin Wampler
Jake's Smoked Gouda Cheese
Simply the best! Last year my husband was very upset with me for buying a whole 10lb. slab of this cheese, UNTIL he tasted it. He is still talking about it a year later. Everyone I gave it to as part of their gift is also where they can get more. Don't miss out!
Sue L
Jake's Aged Gouda Cheese
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