3 Questions About Gouda Cheese!

Gouda Cheese

When it comes to our products at Jakes, we want everyone to enjoy it to the fullest. Check out these three common questions you might have been wondering about our delicious gouda cheese from right here in Central New York!

1. Can I freeze my Jakes Gouda Cheese?

Answer:   Yes! However, we only recommend freezing our Gouda if you plan to use if for cooking at a later time. Although the gouda cheese will be safe to eat, the texture will often change once the gouda is thawed. Did you know that Gouda is one of the easiest cheeses to freeze? Because Gouda Cheese is a firmer style cheese, freezing it often does less damage to the flavor and texture as a whole. If you do choose to freeze your cheese, in order to retain an enjoyable flavor, we recommend keeping it frozen for no more than 6 months. When it is time to unthaw your gouda cheese, place it in your refrigerator at an even temperature and enjoy it your soups, cheesy sauces, and more within 3 days.

2. Does Gouda Cheese Melt?

Answer:   Jakes Gouda Cheese makes everything melty, cheesy, and saucy a million times tastier. In short, Gouda Cheese melts with ease. The best way to melt your Gouda is to use a double boiler (like a fondue pot). Melting your Gouda cheese evenly will create a delectable texture and it can be used in everything from soups, pasta sauces, gravy, for covering your burgers, nachos, cheesy veggie dips, and more!

3. How Should I store my Gouda Cheese?

Answer:  Here at Jakes Gouda Cheese, our Gouda is made with a natural milk casing. If you are buying our cheese through the mail, you might end up wondering: how should I store my Jakes Gouda Cheese?

First things first: Step away from the plastic wrap! We know that it’s the first thing one thinks of when safely wrapping their food for storage, but with gouda this is not the case. Cheese needs to breathe, and when you wrap it with plastic wrap you are essentially suffocating the natural flavor and your cheese can even absorb the taste of plastic! We recommend wrapping your cheese in parchment or wax paper. This will allow the cheese to breathe and keep it from drying out. Once wrapped, store your cheese in a large Tupper Wear container and place it in the warmest part of your fridge, such as a cheese or vegetable drawer.

Do you have other questions about Jakes Gouda Cheese? Feel free to shoot us a question or give us a call 🙂 We love hearing from cheese fans all over the world and especially right here in Central New York.

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