Regional Access Carries Jakes Gouda

We are glad to have a company such as Regional Access carry our Gouda because its caring companies like Regional that make our small business world survive. Regional access takes our artisan Gouda cheese and deliver it direct to you. A community-oriented, grassroots company, Regional Access was built on a vision of providing ecologically responsible, locally grown food in Upstate New York. From humble beginnings in their founder’s garage to their current spacious modern warehouse, they have flourished over the last 20 years, creating a sustainable state-wide distribution system. Today they are the leading purveyor of specialty and natural foods, offering a catalog of more than 3,400 products, and distribution to every corner of the Empire State. Today Regional Access has 34 employees, 10 vehicles, 5 refrigerated tractor-trailers and 5 straight trucks, covering more than 8,000 miles a week to every corner of New York State. All of which are dedicated to bringing you Upstate New York’s Finest foods including Jakes Gouda!

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