FarmPlate Makes It Easy To Find Jake’s Gouda Cheese And Other Fresh Farm Goods

FarmPlate is a revolutionary online community that connects farmers, fishermen, foragers, food artisans, restaurants, markets, distributors and foodies everywhere. Our searchable directory of 40,000+ business listings across the country, networking tools and reviews make it fun and easy to find and enjoy real foods near you.

FarmPlate is user friendly just type what you’re hungry for and FarmPlate does the work! Along with finding farm fresh local foods you can rate & review the food online. Before you rate your fresh goods try them with Farmplate’s hand picked seasonal recipes!

We are very pleased to be apart of FarmPlate and hope it serves you to discover new foods in your area!

Learn more about FarmPlate and Jakes Gouda Below!

FarmPlate Jakes Gouda Cheese

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