Jake’s Gouda Cheese scheduled for New York State Fair

Jake’s Gouda Cheese will be attending the New York State Fair this August but not for the ferris wheel! Jake and Sylvia have enter their gouda cheese for the annual cheese competition.. Entering the Division E open class cheese competition, Jake and Sylvia hope for a repeat top of the list finish they had in the World Championship of Cheese. Placing fourth in the United States Gouda Cheese Category, Jake is very optimistic about their results with this years gouda cheese at the New York State Fair. He firmly believes the combination of the Stolzfus farms milk and dutch style crafting makes his gouda cheese among the best. For more information about Jake and Sylvia visit the Our Story page. Information regarding Jake’s top secret gouda cheese craft visit the Process page.  Hope to see you in Syracuse!

Information regarding the New York State Fair visit here.

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