Keeping You Updated On Everything Gouda

We find it important to keep in touch with everyone, whether you have purchased our gouda cheese or not, we’d love to share what is going on at the farm with you. This is why we have had a full website overhaul, along with Facebook, and Twitter accounts created. All so you can keep up with us and your favorite Central New York produced cheese. By following us you’ll get updates on when and where we will be, and if we’ll be either vending or competing for gouda greatness! We love hearing your stories as well, especially if they are about gouda cheese! So feel free to post on our Facebook, send us an Email, or even call us! It’s great to hear new experimental recipes using gouda cheese. We love gouda cheese, and anything to help share the gouda goodness we are up for! So feel free to look at our website, Facebook, or Twitter on any of your devices.




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