Pale But Bold In Flavor

This week we are recommending a beverage that gets its amazing flavor from a New York Brew company in the heart of wine country, but its not wine. It is Ithaca Pale Ale made by the Ithaca Beer Company! Established in 1998 the Ithaca Beer Company has quickly become a brewer creating many favorites. Being a young brewery they have come a long way and were awarded 2 medals at the Great American Beer Festival in Colorado in 2008. Ithaca Beer Company distributes their beer throughout New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and Ohio.

Ithaca Beer Company beer doesn’t reflect how long they have been in business at all.The taste of their Pale Ale,…its amazing. Wielding its deep golden color it brings a nice fragrant aroma and pleasant hop bite once the top is cracked. We love this Pale Ale with our aged gouda cheese. Accompanied by one another, they bring out each others bold flavors. With a nice balance of bitter hops and sweet malt from the Pale Ale, our Aged gouda’s sharpness and saltier finish really brings your taste buds to life. Aged gouda cheese is known for being bold and this combination is nothing short of it.



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