Can Gouda Fight Cancer?

gouda1Did you realize that eating certain cheese, including Gouda, can lower your risk of developing cancer? Now we know what you are thinking, you’ve heard this before with your favorite juices or fruits or vegetables. Is this some sort of marketing trick to get you to purchase Gouda cheese? Absolutely not.

Gouda cheese contains the the vitamin K2, it actually is a blood vessel-inhibiting vitamin and directly kills cancer cells. Vitamin K is considered the ‘key’ that unlocks the door from your bloodstream to let calcium flow into your bones and bone marrow. Without this you wouldn’t have strong bones. While these osteoblast cells are busy building bone, other cells called osteoclasts are trying to break down bone and remove bone tissue. Vitamin K2 is important because, not only has it been shown to stimulate and enhance osteocalcin production, but it has also been shown to inhibit osteoclasts and help maintain your bones.

Learning a little more about Gouda and K2; (via

  • Getting your K2 in Gouda cheese can help reduce the risk of prostate cancer. K2 inside Gouda cheese has been shown to stop the growth of liver cancer. K2 has also been shown to supress the growth of lung and bladder cancers, all with a little help from a few slices of Gouda cheese a day.
  • Vitamin K2 protects us from heart disease. K2 basically takes the extra calcium in the blood and deposits it into our bones.
  • Vitamin K2 found in Gouda cheese is required for vitamin A to do its job, maintaining proper skin proliferation.
  • Saliva has the second highest concentration of Vitamin K2 in the body and the vitamin found in Gouda also helps with oral health.
Gouda contains the lost vitamin, K2
Gouda contains the lost vitamin, K2

Studies have show that eating as little as two slices of Gouda cheese per day can drastically reduce your risk of cancer, more specifically lung and prostate cancer. In previous articles we have discussed great Gouda cheese recipes, and would recommend further reading on the subject as we simply don’t want to state that eating Gouda cheese will eliminate cancer but the studies have show it can help at least reduce the risk.

Considered the lost vitamin, you will probably start seeing things on your grocery store shelf advertised as the “miracle vitamin.” But don’t be fooled, Jake’s Gouda Cheese can get you your Vitamin K2!

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