Closing A Great Central New York Summer

If you have visited or just passed through Utica, NY, or the Central New York area you’ve probably seen Saranac advertising, “A Local Favorite”. Nothing short of the truth in that statement as the F.X. Matt Brewery is extremely popular in the area. The F.X. Brewery brews some of the finest beers in New York, heck, The United States. Brewing everything from the regional favorite and first beer served after prohibition, Utica Club; to Bavarian Black Beer.

Known for their excellent seasonal beers, this summer they had some new breeds of summer delight and the return of classics. One beer that we really like is the Saranac Kolsch. Distinctive to Cologne, Germany, the Kolsch is a great summer beer and excellent when its warm out. The Kolsch’s appearance is much like a Pilsner. Although they share a similar color the Kolsch is less bitter, a little fruitier and a tad sweeter, very delightful for summer. Seeing how tomorrow will be the last day of August and in the 90’s, Kolsch is perfect to finish the summer off with! 

Being a less sharp, and less bitter beer, the Kolsch goes great with baby gouda cheese. Baby gouda is a milder gouda so it agrees well with the Kolsch’s great flavors. A great appetizer pairing before a late August farmers market prepared dinner! Today is Thursday!, that means come 5:30 Saranac will be opening the gates to Saranac Thursday! One of the last remaining Thursday events of the summer, so get to the brewery early and pick up some Kolsch for this weekends dinner!





Photo: The Barley Blog




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