Chardonnay Riesling and Baby Gouda Delight

Our good friends were fortunate enough to spend the end of summer, and labor day weekend enjoying their lake house. Like children awaiting Christmas morning, a favorite event at the lake is closing the day on the deck accompanied by wine. As with many of our acquaintances, choosing local products comes natural and easy. Considering how amazing local products are in our area. Planning their relaxation on the deck as the sun set, they chose two of New York’s finest goods. Salmon Run Chardonnay Riesling and Jake’s Baby Gouda cheese.

These two separate are amazing, and together…. phenomenal.

The Chardonnay Riesling has a touch of green to its golden shimmer, upon smelling it the green is confirmed by the scent of green apple, green grapes, and honeydew. The honeydew scent is matched by a honeydew flavor, laced with lemon. A dryer wine, its smooth and not aggressively dry.

Our baby gouda cheese is smooth just like this amazing New York wine. This is why they pair so nicely. Both wine and cheese having quiet personalities, they interact very well making your taste buds curious for more. A perfect choice for the last weekend on the lake.

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