Semi-Dry and Baby Gouda Are Much More Than Semi-Good, They’re Great

We always second the motion to buy locally. With our beverage and Gouda Cheese combinations we follow our beliefs. This week we are recommending a fine wine from Fox Run Vineyards. Fox Run Vineyards is nestled in between Keuka and Seneca lakes in the Finger Lakes region of New York, and lets just say the flavor is to par with the areas reputation for wine, it’s fine.

Now onto the wine, Fox Run has developed a few different Riesling’s which are all excellent. We have chosen to pair our baby gouda cheese with their Semi-Dry Riesling. Their Semi-Dry Riesling packs loads of tree fruit aromas with a delightful nectarine and tangerine aroma. This fragrant wine has a soft yet zesty finish which pairs amazingly with our baby gouda cheese. Our baby gouda is softer and smoother than it’s aged counterpart. This doesn’t mean it lacks flavor. This is still traditional dutch style gouda cheese so it brings amazing flavor. With Fox Run’s Semi-Dry it becomes more than baby gouda it becomes your guests favorite appetizer. Don’t be afraid, try it!

Until next time,

– Jake


For more information visit:

Fox Run Vineyards

Jake’s Baby Gouda

Photo By Craig 

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